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Saint-Laurent adopts a $76.6 M budget and a Ten-Year Capital Investment Program valued at $96.2 M to implement its orientations

Saint-Laurent adopts a $76.6 M budget and a Ten-Year Capital Investment Program valued at $96.2 M to implement its orientations.

Saint-Laurent adopts a $76.6 M budget and a Ten-Year Capital Investment Program valued at $96.2 M to implement its orientations

Saint-Laurent, November 24, 2021 – At its general meeting on November 23, Saint-Laurent Council adopted its budget for the year 2022. Totalling $76,553,600, it represents a $2,865,500 increase compared to the $73,688,100 budget for fiscal 2021. An amount of $1,201,900 from the surplus was used to balance the budget and limit local tax indexation to 2%, which is the estimated inflation rate for 2022.

At the same meeting, for the second time, Council also adopted a Ten-Year Capital Investment Program. With a $92.6 M budget, as its name indicates, this plan spans a decade. At the end of this term, the different projects it includes will represent a total of $187 M in investments in the community. Covering 2022 to 2031, it offers greater flexibility in the completion of priority projects.


“Every budget is an exacting exercise completed jointly by all our divisions and with a focus on sound financial management. Since last year, our administration, as for every Saint-Laurent family, is facing additional financial pressure due to the pandemic. Accordingly, we need to absorb the purchase of materials relating to health measures and the increase in costs for services and equipment. I am therefore very satisfied that we have succeeded in putting the final touches on a budget that will in no way affect taxpayers, and what’s more, by enlisting the resources required to successfully carry out our 2022-2025 Strategic Plan and 2121-2030 Emergency Climate Plan.”

Alan DeSousa, Mayor of Saint-Laurent


With respect to operating expenses, $11.5 M will be spent on general administration; $1.4 M on public security and $5.5 M on environmental health, which includes, for example, maintenance of the local waterworks and sewer systems. A total of $1.4 M will be spent on health and well-being; $5.9 M on planning, urban planning and development; and $31.8 M on recreation and culture, including parks maintenance. Last but not least, $19,1 M will be spent on transport, which includes roadwork and snow removal.

2022 Budget

Distribution of main revenue sources:

  • Transfers from Ville de Montréal, including anticipated income from construction permits: $55,955,000
  • Revenue from local taxation: $14,283,000
  • Revenue from local fees: $5,113,700
  • Surplus allocation: $1,201,900

Total: $76,553,600

Distribution of main expenses per activity:

  • General administration: $11,479,600
  • Planning, urban planning and development: $5,885,200
  • Environmental health: $5,521,500
  • Recreation and culture: $31,786,400
  • Health and well-being: $1,442,600
  • Public security: $1,388,400
  • Transport: $19,049,900

Total: $76,553,600

Priority actions in 2022: operating budget and Ten-Year Investment Program

  • Continue planning in several parks including the replacement of swimming pool basins and the repair of sports fields.
  • Continue the creation of the Biodiversity Corridor, a 450-hectare infrastructure that will enable the public to cohabitate with nature.
  • Renovate the Centre préscolaire at the Centre des loisirs, which offers an extensive program of activities for its young clientele.
  • Restore Maison Robert-Bélanger, an old building attesting to the history of the community.
  • Overhaul of the Centre d’exposition Lethbridge at the Bibliothèque du Boisé.
  • Completion of the project to create a cultural area in Vieux-Saint-Laurent.
  • Continue the LED conversion of decorative and sports floodlights in the parks.
  • Upgrade the dog parks.

The Saint-Laurent 2022 budget and 2022-2031 Capital Investment Program will be sent to Montréal Municipal Council for imminent adoption.



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